Six minutes and twenty seconds

Does it require a trained, accomplished, and experienced speaker to move an audience?

Well, this past weekend, an-18-year old student silenced the world by delivering a chilling speech to an audience of more than a half-million people in Washington D.C. Her name is Emma González, and she’s a survivor of the February 14 school shooting in Parkland, Florida.


(image courtesy CNN)

Just watch the video recording of her 6 minutes and 20 seconds March For Our Lives address below. Six minutes and twenty seconds loaded with ethos, pathos, logos (yes, gun control is about common sense), and… bloodcurdling silence. Six minutes and twenty seconds was exactly the amount of time it took a shooter to steal the lives of 17 of Emma’s classmates.

This young adult — together with her Gen-Z peers — has taken the gun control conversation to, let’s hope for my American friends, a point-of-no-return. Emma’s speech will go down in history for her emotional words, her tears, and also for her defiant silence.

We’re still closing the first quarter of 2018, but take note that I have already nominated my candidate for Time Magazine’s person of this year…