Don’t leave home without a clicker

When I go on a business trip, I always carry one on me. It doesn’t occupy much space in my suitcase, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.  That’s why I never leave home without my clicker!

When giving a business presentation, a handheld remote slide advancer gives you to the freedom to walk around on stage. It provides you full control over your own slide show. That’s particularly useful when your visuals contain overlay animations. And you’ll never have to say “next slide please…” again.

Actually, the one that I use is not very high-tech. It has got only two buttons: one to move forward and one to return to previous slide. I don’t need  more ‒ and it keeps the risk of clicking the wrong knob to an absolute minimum. I also never use the laser pointer function, as I have seen its dancing red (or green) spot on the screen too often betray a nervous speaker.


Also a wearable wireless microphone may offer extra degrees of freedom to a presenter. I was recently speaking at an event, and surprisingly the only one out of 25+ speakers who requested for and put on such a device.

Unfortunately it is not always obvious to bring your own headset or clip-on mike and connect it to a venue’s audio installation. That’s the main reason why I haven’t included one in my speaker packing list yet.