When speaking in front of a crowd leaves your hands clammy and your body shaking in your boots

Some time ago, I wrote an article “Public speaking stress, sweat and adrenaline”, in which I gave a number of tips for helping public speakers to deal with stage fright, prepare for a public performance, and survive the first minutes of their speech.

During the past summer holidays, I also created a series of 4 infographics that summarized some of my old posts on this blog. As an infographic is worth a thousand words, I was already planning to craft and publish more creative visualizations like these. And the one dealing with fear of public speaking was certainly on my shortlist. Well, someone has made my life easy, because recently I stumbled upon an article that contains relevant statistics, excellent advice, and a set of really nice infographics that all deal with your fear of public speaking.

Have a look at the article and the embedded images. They’re worth reading and seeing!

Here’s how to get over your fear of public speakingHere’s how to get over your fear of public speakingInfographic by Quill


If an infographic is worth a thousand words…

Over the past five years I have written over 150 articles on this blog, accounting for nearly 70,000 words. If the statement that a picture is worth a thousand words is true, the content of this site could be reduced to, say, a few tens of images and its reading time dramatically shortened.

Studies like the one by David Hyerle show that up to 90 percent of the information that we remember is based on visual impact and, from experience, I know that infographics can make complex information more appealing and better digestible. Providing your audience with compelling handout material that they can share with others, also helps spreading your message and increases the impact of your content.

This gave me an interesting challenge – and a creative way to spend some (tautology alert!) free moments during my summer holidays – in crafting a set of 4 infographics that summarize some of my old compilation posts:

You may download the resulting files by clicking on the image below (or hitting the download tab on top of this page).

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