In the air tonight

I’m a fan of authentic communication and storytelling that builds upon the history, culture or identity of a company. Four years ago, I wrote on this blog about Air Malta’s inflight safety movie. The post, titled “the knight on the plane”, described how the airline operator’s video capitalized on the Maltese Islands’ rich history and their famous Knights.

Today, I am writing this new post on a plane flying from Singapore to Perth. I’m not a frequent traveler anymore in that part of the sky (though my CO2 footprint is already big enough to become a non-honorary member of the flygskam movement) but Singapore Airlines is still one of my favorite carriers. Because of its impeccable service – even in economy class – and, I admit, its elegant female cabin crew.

Photo: Singapore Airlines

Earlier tonight, I was really charmed by the airline’s safety briefing video. The movie, produced in partnership with Singapore’s tourism board, iterates the various passenger safety instructions and projects them onto scenes of daily life in the city-state. The beautiful images, of which not a single one has been taken inside an airplane cabin, manage to achieve one of the hardest communication challenges: making your audience listen to a set of boring instructions (which some passengers may have heard a gazillion times before) and keeping their undivided attention.

Now, take your seat, enjoy the safety video and have a wonderful flight with me…

The knight on the plane

Last week I was flying with Air Malta, the airline operator of the Mediterranean islands with the same name.


Malta has a rich and colorful history. From 1530 to 1798, for almost three centuries, the islands were ruled by the Knights Hospitaller of St. John, a.k.a the Knights of Malta, who transformed it into a center of art and culture.

In today’s post, I want to share Air Malta’s inflight safety movie with you. The message it gives, and even the spoken narrative, is the same one that I have heard hundreds of times before. On other flights. To other destinations. With other airlines. But the way the safety instructions were presented caught my attention.

Such a great example of brand storytelling, capitalizing on the beautiful Maltese Islands’ rich history and their famous Knights!