The last rose of summer

“I write to discover what I know.” ‒ Mary Flannery O’Connor, American writer (1925 – 1964)

It has become a yearly practice to publish the articles that appeared on this blog in an e-book at the end of my summer holidays. So, here’s the 2018 edition! It bundles all 195 posts that I wrote between September 2012 and June 2018 into one single 510-page (!) document.

You may download the PDF version by right-clicking on the image above, and saving the linked file. Happy reading!

PS: I’m also looking at converting the material to EPUB and/or MOBI format, so stay tuned and check the “download my stuff” section on top of this page regularly.

When the best is yet to come

As a product manager, marketer or salesperson, the business presentations you deliver can make a real difference in positioning the products or solutions you are managing, promoting or selling.

In my weekly B2B Storytelling blog posts, I am exploring the rich universe of corporate storytelling, while diving into best practices for creating, preparing and delivering your business presentations.

As a quick warm-up after the summer holidays, here are my 5 personal favorite posts you may have missed…

  1. The Bocuse touch: in which I draw a parallel between nouvelle cuisine cooking and today’s corporate storytelling trends.
  2. It’s the story, stupid: why storytelling is a powerful approach to presenting complex information.
  3. The Da Vinci code: musing about the attraction of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa; written after a long weekend in Paris.
  4. Wise men say: a very popular post with examples on how to use quotes in your presentation.
  5. Don’t feed the chameleons: tips and tricks for creating clean and consistent presentation visuals.

And for those who want to catch up with everything, I compiled all the articles I posted to my blog between September 2012 and June 2013 into one single e-book. Download it here and enjoy reading!


Also add this site to your bookmarks (or click the “follow this blog” button). There’s more to come! Re-starting next week I will be posting new stories, new best practices and new presentation tips.