The (in)evitable agenda slide

We have a new company PowerPoint template. And when I opened the file, the first slide that hit my eye – after the title page of course – was titled “Agenda.” Well, one thing I already know for sure: that will be the one I am going to kick out each time I start creating a new slide deck.


I always try to keep my presentations short and sweet. As such, I’m a big fan of Guy Kawasaki’s 10/20/30 rule – prepare 10 slides, to support a 20 minute speech, with 30 point font size text on it– and therefore I cannot afford to waste 5 minutes at the beginning of my speaking slot to explain the audience what I am going to tell them during the following 15 minutes.

You better start your presentation with a strong statement, and try to intrigue surprise or provoke the people in the room instead of boring them with a “this is what I will have on the next slides” intro.

And if you have 5 minutes extra to spend, use them wisely at the end of your talk for summarizing your key messages and calling your listeners to action.

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