Sailing the seven C’s

The US National Storytelling Network defines storytelling as “the interactive art of using words and actions to reveal the elements and images of a story while encouraging the listener’s imagination.”

But what makes a good story? And –what’s more– how do you create and deliver one? Here are seven adjectives to remember that will make your life as a storybuilder and storyteller easier.

  1. Compelling: Create a story that appeals to your audience’s imagination and emotion. Use metaphors, anecdotes and compelling visuals.
  2. Credible: Only talk about topics that you are familiar with. Show confidence in yourself and in what you tell. Let your listeners feel that are a subject matter expert.
  3. Concrete: Start from a concrete problem or situation. Be specific and tangible. Use proof points such as facts, figures, real-world examples.
  4. Clear: Always make sure that your content can be understood by your grandparents as well as your (neigbours’) children. Avoid technobabble, MBA-speak and other jargon.
  5. Consistent: Don’t put too many different messages into one slide deck. Be consistent in design, terminology and language. Always start your story with the end in mind.
  6. Customized: Don’t create one-size-fits-all presentations. Try to address the specific interests, needs and concerns of the people in the room.
  7. Conversational: Rather than delivering a monologue, engage in a conversation with the audience. Draw them in and make them feel part of your story.


I have also created an infographic that summarizes this post. You may download the file by clicking on the image below (or hitting the download tab on top of this page).


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