There’s a hacker

Correct spelling matters. In this week’s post no PowerPoint example, lesson learned or best practice for creating or delivering your presentation. Only a short and funny, but true story (a.k.a. an anecdote) that you may reuse when talking about IT security or a related topic.

This happened a few months ago at the office. Several of my colleagues received an out-of-office email that was signed by Theresa Hacker. Panic in the IT department! If you add an apostrophe and a space, this signature could also be read as “there’s a hacker.”


Closer examination, however, learned that we have a colleague in Germany named Theresa Haecker (in the German alphabet also spelled as Häcker) and that the out-of-office message was the result of an automatically forwarded mail.

How a (missing) apostrophe or an umlaut can make the IT guys shiver…