The Bocuse touch

A good story is like a well-plated dish. It follows a recipe with a few ingredients that all blend together. The result is a delight for the eyes, the ears and the brain. A creation that keeps the audience asking for more.

Nouvelle cuisine is a style of cooking that became popular in the 1970s as a reaction to the heavy and calorie-rich French kitchen of that era. Main characteristics of this eclectic way of preparing and presenting food are:

  • Rejection of excessive complication
  • Use of fresh ingredients and natural flavors
  • Smaller portions served
  • No more heavy sauces
  • Strong focus on composition and presentation
  • Experimenting with new combinations and pairings
  • Attention to the dietary needs of guests
  • Interest in new techniques and equipment

nouvelle cuisine

Acknowledging the innovation, elegance and originality of this new kitchen, I can easily draw a parallel with today’s best practices in B2B storytelling:

  • Emphasis on focus and simplicity
  • Dynamic and personalized presentation style
  • Less slides, more story, more interaction
  • No more heavy tables and bullet lists
  • Less time for monologue, more time for dialogue
  • Presentations enriched with images and multimedia.
  • Emphasis on value instead of products
  • Use of new presentation techniques

So, if you want to become the Paul Bocuse of the “nouvelle cuisine of business presentations” then make sure you tell a tasty story, keep your presentations minimalistic, decorate your slides with fresh images and videos, season them with metaphors, examples and anecdotes, and serve them warm to a hungry audience (and keep on reading my blog…)


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  1. once again..I just love the cuisine and presentation comparison. you have a way with words, Marc. Thank you.

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