Amen and… action!

Storytelling is not only a hot topic in B2B. It is also one of the foundations of P2P (Pastor-to-Parish) communications. Biblical storytelling was already a common practice in churches and temples many centuries before the invention of PowerPoint, and has even not missed its entry into the transmedia age.

For all of us in business, religious persons or not, there’s a lot we can learn from pastors and preachers. As an example, here is an excerpt from a 2003 dissertation by D.E. Green, titled “The proper use of cinematic storytelling in biblical preaching”.

“The climax of any sermon must be the experiencing of the gospel. The call to action must be a direct reflection of the experienced gospel. A precise summation, then, directs the listener toward the appropriate response as a ‘receiver’ of the good news.
The pastors of many growing contemporary churches extol the power ending with a clear and simple action step. They do this because they know that if you want men to apply a truth, it is helpful to have it ‘spelled out.’ Women tend to translate principle into action; men need clarity.”

Can you find a better definition for –or application of– the Call to Action? A technique used by so many professional speakers today. In business, as in church, you want to dismiss the men and women in your audience with clear directions. Tell them what you want them to remember, what they need to do, and how they can get there.

Go in peace, and may your presentations always include a memorable call to action.